Breathwork, Active and Social Meditations, Yoga


One to one sessions to help you reconnect with your body and your heart.



Intensive Workshops and Retreats in Asia, Europe and Latin America filled with Breathwork, movement, connections and life changing experiences.


Group sessions offer a wonderful opportunity for individuals to connect while delving into their personal path of self-development. Discover upcoming classes in your locality by clicking here.


Breathwork Teacher Trainings – it can be taken an intensive retreat or as a first step into becoming a Breathwork facilitator giving you tools to guide others through these life changing experiences.

Zivile Mickute

Breathwork, Bio-Development and Social Meditations

I have started my Self-Development journey 6 years ago, following the loss of my mother. At that time, I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. I was struggling to fit into “normal” life and feel the happiness and joy of living. This has led me to start looking into alternative practices and that was when I have discovered Breathwork, Bio-Development, Tantra and other practices that helped me to reconnect with myself and discover the true happiness and purpose of life.

Are you ready to change your life?

Through different Breathwork, meditation and Movement  practices we guide people to look beyond the conceptual mind, beyond who they think they are, beyond their story. Only then, we are able to see clearly, to feel emotions, to live and love fully.

Discover different practices designed to take you back to your body and return peace to your mind


Discover the remarkable power of breathwork for inner transformation and healing. Our breathwork practices are your gateway to releasing emotional burdens, reducing stress, and finding profound inner peace. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing as you harness the transformative potential of your own breath


At our meditation sessions, we employ a blend of active and still techniques to gently guide you towards inner peace and balance. Our practices nurture the development of an inner observer, allowing you to calmly witness sensations and emotions, free from the compulsion to react. Join us on the path to mindfulness and serenity


Bio-Development / Tantra

Experience a profound personal growth with our Tantra Foundation Bio-Development practice, an integration of Movement, Music, Connection, and Expression. This unique blend of Tantra and Bio-danza techniques offers a path to deep connection with the present moment, fostering self-discovery and meaningful connections with those around you. Start your journey towards inner transformation today


My Approach

All the practices and teachings I do are based on my own experience. I do not teach from things I have red in books or seen on videos, because I believe that the real healing and change can only happen through real personal experience. Trying different Breathwork, Tantra and other self development practices made a huge change in my life that no books or talks could have made. It allowed me to reconnect with myself, to start feeling again and become more open and loving to myself and to everyone around me. This change inspired me and given me courage to share it with others so they could also change their life for the better.

After attending Zivile’s Breathwork Intensive program my life changed in a very positive way. Her guidance, the in-depth information and knowledge she provided has been very helpful to step into a next level of my personal growth. - Rob

I accepted an invitation to participate in a 3 day Breathwork event in Koh Phangan lead by Zivile. Not knowing what to expect, I kept an open mind and took her gentle suggestions. I soon realized I was in very good hands. Past trauma and blockages were brought to the surface and released. By the end of the 3rd day I was walking in a bliss beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ -Charles, United States, 2023

Thank you, Zivile, for the amazing breathwork Sessions together. They were so powerful, so magical, so deep I would recommend them to everyone.... And thank you for creating a safe place. I felt really comfortable. 🙏Viviana☀️

I have attended a multitude of Zivile's workshops as well as breathwork intensives in Thailand and i recommend her 100%. Her practices are strong and impactful. Zivile creates nurturing and safe environment for things to unfold, for you to realise and heal. ❤ Egle Macijauskaite

Breathwork with Zivile is an amazing journey, everytime different one but always inspiring. Can't wait to catch up again somewhere on this beautiful planet Earth to see where is she gonna take me this time. - Aneta Brodowska


Life begins where Fear ends.. – Osho

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