Life changing retreats and workshops around the world connecting like minded people 

Group classes

I offer a variety of classes, workshops and longer retreats. Each class is different and my main goal is to help people let go of their minds, reconnect with their body, heart and soul.

To give each person sometimes only a glimpse of what life could be without fears of the future or regrets about the past.

Here my aim is to always try to create a safe space for everyone to open up, to be  able to take of masks, to let go of the roles and just be themselves.

Sometimes only few seconds of direct experience can help us understand much more than years of talking therapy. We alll have our own inner wisdom that know what is right for us. I’m only here to help you find it.

You can contact me to discuss options in your area or book a class if you have a bigger group.


I use different Breathwork techniques to help people let go of the mind and reconnect with their bodies. During the sessions, we use Breathwork as a tool for awakening and healing. People come to Breathwork sessions with different intensions; some want to let go of certain beliefs or habits, some want to find answers that they have been looking for long time. I always say that it is best to let go of any intentions and goals and let the Breath show you the way and what you need to see and understand in the moment.

It can be used as a tool of self development and self realisation, that helps people to find themselves and true meaning of life.

Tetra Breath

It’s a breath of awakening and healing. By following a specific breathing pattern your mind gradually enters a subtly different state of consciousness and a natural healing system is activated in the body. This particular type of Breathwork is based on 2 pillars – awareness and breath. During the session we use conscious connected breath, music and some movements to awaken stuck energy in different parts of the body. The main mantra during this breathwork sessions is ‘I allow myself to feel any sensations and emotions’. It is a space where we can dive deep into what we have been surpressing and holding back. Noticing whatever is coming up for us, understanding it and letting it go.

So Ham Breathwork

In this type of Breathwork we use different speeds of breath to connect with different emotions. Many times in life, when we get into a difficult situation, we are holding back our breath and emotion as we feel it is not safe in that moment for us to express it (for example when we get scared or worried). This practice allows us to reconnect with these suppressed emotions in our bodies and let it go in a safe way and space.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing is perhaps the most valuable self-healing ability that humans can learn. We cannot have disease and relaxation in the same space at the same time. Relaxation is the ultimate healer. Every breath induces relaxation. Therefore, breathing is the basic healer.

The use of conscious connected breath creates an energy flow in the body that softly “forces out” or helps release stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body. As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the person reaches a higher level and may experience profound states of bliss, clarity, and understanding about the issues and problems they are facing or learn something new about themselves. The technique of long and careful attention to the circular breath reveals multiple layers of inhibitions and unconscious patterns of protection that we have developed from birth and that has blocked our ability to feel joy, happiness throughout our lives. After Rebirthing Breathwork practices people feel liberated and calm, and that may change the way the they feel about themselves or a situation.

Bio- development practices

During these classes, using very simple and fun exercises with music, movement, expressions and connection I invite people to firstly come back to here and now. Connect to the present moment and to the sensations and emotions present. Each time we dive into a different subject that can unravel deeply ingrained patterns within us. As we allow these patterns and different defence mechanisms to be seen, we understand them and are able to let it go, the real healing occurs.  We are able to let go of the past conditioning, let go of the memories that have been stuck deeply in our bodies and start seeing ourselves and others around us from different perspective. These practices might sometimes look as a simple and fun game, but as you are able to fully allow yourself to engage in each exercise it can bring you great insight and life changing experiences.

Examples of the subjects


In this practice we align with a universal truth: the Law of Impermanence. Life unfolds in a dance of arrivals and departures — things, places and people gracefully entering and exiting our existence. It’s our privilege to cherish these moments and release them with a heart full of gratitude.

Join us in embracing the profound beauty of impermanence, a universal law that enriches our journey with deeper meaning. Together, we’ll learn to appreciate life’s fleeting treasures and gracefully let go, allowing gratitude to infuse every step of our path.

Heart opening

Life often leaves us wounded, abandoned, and misunderstood, causing our hearts to build protective walls around themselves. In this transformative class, we gently guide you on a journey of healing, teaching your heart to cautiously peek beyond those walls, allowing it to rediscover its capacity for vulnerability and connection.

Together, we will unravel the layers that shield your heart, fostering an environment where it may, when it chooses, open up to the world and embrace the beauty of the people who surround you. Join us on this profound path to healing and rediscovery, where your heart’s resilience and capacity for love can flourish once more.

Touch & Boundaries

Embark on a profound journey where we delve into the intricate world of boundaries and self-awareness. In this practice, we strip away the influence of words, societal conditioning, and the chatter of our minds. Instead, we reconnect with our bodies, learning the art of attentive listening to their subtle cues.

This transformative journey is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you, fostering a profound sense of awareness and connection.

Inner Child


Indulge in a profoundly beautiful journey, where we tenderly connect with our inner child, offering them the warmth and affection they deserve.

This is a transformative experience that transcends time, allowing you to revisit the innocence of your past self and wrap them in a cocoon of love and care.

Join us on this soul-enriching voyage, where you’ll rediscover the pure essence of your innermost being. This practice is an opportunity to nurture your inner child and set them free to thrive once more.

Divine Connection


Explore this profound practice, where we unlock the divine energy within ourselves and others. Within each of us, there resides both an animalistic drive fueled by desire and a divine essence represented by our heart and inner child—a pure being filled with love, joy, and the desire to cherish life’s moments.

Join us in this transformative practice where we embrace and connect with this inner love, allowing it to flow within us and radiate out to touch the lives of others. Discover the beauty of sharing this divine love, and let it light up your path towards a more fulfilling existence.

Love Through the Eyes


Join us on a soulful journey as we delve into the depths of our inner divine energy and extend our vision to recognize it within others. In this sacred space, we learn to appreciate the inherent beauty in every individual, transcending the confines of physical appearances, shapes, colors, and gender.

Embrace the transformative power of this practice, allowing you to connect on a profound level with the essence of humanity that unites us all. Discover the beauty that lies beyond the surface, and let it enrich your understanding of the world and the people in it.

Social Meditations & Tantric Practics

Meditation is a beautiful process that allows us to reconnect with our true essence, to calm the mind and to see beyond. Many people think that the only way to meditate is to sit still for hours and wait for enlightenment.

I am teaching few different techniques that can bring you to this beautiful state, where the mind is quiet. And once we get in that space we are able to start listening to the wisdom of our bodies. These meditations are done in groups with lots of music, movement and interactions. Its a process of learning, letting go and discovering something new while being present and enjoying the process.


Shower of love: In this tantric meditation, we will be connecting to our true essence, to the love that we all have deep inside of our hearts and sharing it with others.

Sacred Hug practice: in this class we will be learning how to hug :). Many people use hug more as a mechanical process. Here we will deconstruct the hug into 4 stages, letting us to truly and openly connect with the person in front of us before embracing in a beautiful and heart felt hug.

 Active Aum Meditation: This is one of the strongest practices I teach. It is based on Osho teachings and his understanding that all our emotions are interconnected, especially the opposite emotions. We can not selectively numb one or the other emotion. If we have to of numb our anger, it might be difficult for us to feel love; If we struggle to be in our power, it might be also difficult for us to be vulnerable.

During the sessions we will have 15 active stages where we will dive into the extremes of each emotion. This process helps us to discover the observer within us. The observer, that is not overwhelmed with emotions as they come, but is able to stay centred, balanced and just watch them.

This is a beautiful process of self discovery, self realisation. In a way it represents life with all it’s ups and downs and teaches us to be a watcher of our life, of our emotions. It is a very strong process that requires your will and determination to go through each stage, and at the same time it can be a life changing process where we can discover something new about ourselves and leave the practice a little bit different.

Atisha heart meditation: is a beautiful practice where we will learn to transmute the energy using the power of our heart. This meditation is inspired by Osho teachings and is moulded into more interactive and Tantric meditation. Using the power of our heart, we will learn to cleanse negatively charged environment, heal ourselves, and send healing energy to others.

Contact me if you would like to add these practices to your retreats or teacher trainings. I also offer corporate packages if you would like to bring some of these practices to your workplace and enhance the connection and openness between employees and colleagues.