Retreats and Workshops

Breathwork, Movement, Connection, Meditation 

“In your journey of self-discovery, it’s essential to embrace all that you are not, allowing the true essence of who you are to shine through. Let go of the past and embrace the life that awaits you.

I’m here to support you in this transformative journey, extending my hand to guide you along the way. The key to this transition lies within you. Are you prepared to take that step toward your authentic self?”

Breathwork, movement, and meditation retreats

Our retreats provide a rejuvenating and transformative experience for participants seeking to deepen their mind-body connection, cultivate inner peace, and enhance overall well-being. These retreats offer a harmonious blend of various practices, including breathwork techniques, mindful movement exercises, and meditation sessions, all designed to promote relaxation, self-awareness, and personal growth.

During the retreat, participants engage in guided breathwork sessions, which involve conscious breathing exercises to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, release tension, and promote emotional balance. These breathwork practices often incorporate specific techniques such as circular breathing, rhythmic breathing, or alternate nostril breathing.

Alongside breathwork, participants also partake in movement practices such as yoga, active and social meditations, Bio-Development and Heart based Tantra practices. These sessions focus on cultivating awareness, concentration and connection with themselves and others. Yoga practices will help to explore connection between the physical body and the mind. Heart based Tantra practices and Bio-development classes allow people to reconect with their feelings and emotions and express them in a safe and nourishing  environment.

The retreats also include meditation sessions, providing opportunities for stillness and inner reflection. Guided meditation practices help participants quiet the mind, cultivate mindfulness, and deepen their spiritual connection. These sessions may involve various techniques such as mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, or visualization exercises.


Sample Schedule

Day 1:
– Arrival and check-in
– Welcome circle and introduction to the retreat
– Gentle movement session: Yoga for relaxation and grounding
– Breathwork session: Introduction to conscious breathing techniques
– Healthy vegetarian dinner
– Evening meditation: Mindfulness practice for calming the mind

Day 2:
– Active meditation (Osho dynamic) followed by walking meditation in a nature
– Breakfast
– Breathwork session (Releasing stagnant energy)
– Lunch
– Free time for reflection, journaling, or optional bodywork sessions
– Afternoon session – Bio-Dev Tantra practice on Inner Child
– Dinner
– Evening activity – Mantra singing / Conscious Dance

Day 3:
– Morning Yoga class
– Breakfast
– Breathwork session: Alternate nostril breathing for balancing energy
– Movement workshop: Creative dance for self-expression
– Lunch
– Free time for personal reflection or optional holistic therapies
– Afternoon meditation: Walking meditation in nature
– Evening breathwork session: Integration and deep relaxation
– Dinner
– Group sharing and closing ceremony

Please note that this is just a sample schedule, and actual retreat schedules may vary depending on the facilitator, location, and duration of the retreat.

What you might experience during our Retreats & Workshops 

Finding answers within yourself that you have been looking for

Feeling connected to your body and emotions

Deepen your spiritual connection

Deeper connection to your own being and people around you

Ability to calm the mind

Reconnect with the present moment

Feelings of joy, love, compassion and gratitude

Rediscovering your Self Worth

Enhanced mental well-being


Life begins where Fear ends.. – Osho

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