Experience life-changing transformation with Water Rebirthing Breathwork. Immerse yourself in warm water, guided through a journey into your subconscious. Heal birth trauma and rediscover profound emotions in a safe, loving space. After sessions, embrace feelings of bliss, love, and serenity, enhancing your life skills, reducing stress, and unlocking your potential.


Water Rebirthing Breathwork can give extraordinary life changing experience in short period of time.

Floating in a warm water while being held and guided through the Breathwork practice can take you much deeper into your subconscious.

It is a beautiful tool that can help us heal one of biggest trauma in our lives – Birth trauma. When we are born, we are usually quickly and harshly pulled into the unknown world, full of machines, voices and lights. From a safe and blissful place, in our mothers’ womb, surrounded by warmth and fluid, we are all of the sudden alone in this unknown world. It is not exactly a warm welcome.

During Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, it is possible to travel back to the moment of our birth, however this time we would create a completely different experience, where you will come into this world at your own time, while feeling supported and loved by the person holding space for you.

It is also very common to experience deep and profound emotions that we have been holding inside for long time. During the session, my main goal is to provide you with a safe and loving space to be able to allow you to feel and express all that comes up in that moment and slowly move into a space of observer, when you are able to just watch all the emotions present, and not be directed by them.

After water Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, people report feelings of bliss, love, compassion, joy and serenity. It can positively impact your day to day life by enhancing our life skills, reducing stress and anxiety, restoring balance, and opening up to our potential.

The session is usually 2 hours long and it includes:

  • Initial consultation, short Breathwork practice – 30 min
  • Water Breathwork – 45 min
  • Completion of the session and integration – 45 min


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